Building Capacity for Non-Profits...
We are a New England based consultancy offering customized fundraising and
development operations services to a wide range of non-profit institutions
throughout the region.

Our firm specializes in strategic-level organizational support, including:
The development of staff and volunteer board structures
The creation of philanthropic programs
The design of multi-year development plans
The delivery of training programs
We also offer direct implementation services, and can serve as a short-term
addition or replacement for your existing team.
Our breadth and depth of experience can be applied to small, medium, and
large organizations alike.  We're well positioned to integrate our services into
an existing shop, or to develop a fundraising strategy from scratch.  Solutions
are tailored to each client's needs, with emphasis placed on establishing best
practices and ensuring long-term success.

We begin and end with a focus on consensus building, a commitment to detail,
and an eye towards the mission of each organization.  We are passionate about
non-profit development, and believe strongly in the visions of the clients that
we serve.  Click on "Services" for more information, or "Contact Us" for a more
detailed discussion regarding your needs.